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Words that connect, engage, inspire & persuade

You want words that engage and convert your audience into loyal fans, qualified sales leads, happy customers and raving evangelists.

My clients know me as a writer who GETS their marketing goals–and will work with them relentlessly to move the bottom line.

As a copywriter, I’ve satisfied a long list of demanding clients including DoubleClick (Google), Yahoo!, Microsoft and eMarketer.

As a marketer for startups, I’ve driven the growth of companies working in web analytics, social networking, telecoms (VoIP and ISP) and online games. I’ve founded companies, launched products and pioneered industries.

I love what I do. You’ll love the results.

“Steve is from that rare species of visionary who gets the big picture and all its nuances but also understands how to communicate clearly and simply to the average person. And he delivers with precision and élan.” — Henry Copeland, Founder of BlogAds.com